Buy with Bitcoin and Get Free Pills

Pay with Bitcoin when you purchase your medication and get free delivery and extra pills with your order!

Order 30, 60 or 90 pills to Get 20 extra Free Pills!
Order 120, 150, or 180 pills to Get 40 additional Free Pills!


What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that is purchased online and can increase in value over time.

To purchase Bitcoin, you first need to set up a digital Wallet. This is as easy as setting up an online banking account or PayPal. You just need a valid ID, an email address and a laptop or smartphone. Download the app and you are ready to go!

Follow these simple steps to set up a digital wallet and get free delivery and extra pills when you purchase.

How to get Bitcoin

  • Make sure you have your ID on hand, and visit the Coinbase website to create an account.
  • Follow the instructions and create your account, and ensure you verify your ID. Once complete, add your Visa or MasterCard to pay.
  • Add funds to the new account, £50 to £100 is usually enough to get started and once complete you can pay using your Bitcoin Balance.

How to Pay

Place your order in the usual manner and at the online checkout select Bitcoin as the payment option. Rather than making a payment on the website, we will send an email containing our Bitcoin Wallet ID and instructions on how to pay us. Once this is complete the order will be confirmed and your medication along with the extra free pills will be on the way.

Benefits of Bitcoin

Bitcoin transfers are anonymous and fast. Bitcoin purchases do not alert your bank or financial institution to the nature of your purchases, and many people use Bitcoin for this extra level of privacy.

In addition, Bitcoin transfers are instant whereas Bank Transfers can take some time. This allows people to have their orders confirmed faster, and get the medications sent out quicker.

Get Help Online

To get help with setting up your account with a simple step-by-step tutorial there are a few videos that we recommend people to watch. They outline the verification process and help you set up your crypto wallet in a matter of minutes.

Need More Help?

If you want to know any more information about how to buy pharmaceuticals online with Bitcoin, contact us via Live Chat or Email. We are happy to help.